Building Blocks is about helping neighbors help themselves. But they won't have to go it alone.

RTI International, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) are seeking foundation investment to develop and implement the infrastructure, including administration and marketing, social media, and public relations campaigns, to bring Building Blocks to neighborhoods around the country.

With your help, we will build on the highly successful work accomplished in Philadelphia, Youngstown, Flint, Chicago, New Orleans, and other cities.

The Building Blocks team will develop the infrastructure and promote this movement with a powerful communications strategy to leverage traditional and new media.

Our team will reach out to local governments and community groups to make them aware of our successes, and work with organizations interested in improving their communities.

Revitalization teams will receive technical assistance in the form of toolkits describing how to get started and make real progress. We will also provide one-on-one technical assistance online, by phone, and in person. Together, we can transform entire blocks into positive spaces for the people who live there. This progress will be tracked with before-and-after measures of health and crime improvements in Building Blocks neighborhoods.

Building Blocks is scalable. Organizations can begin with a single block or building or adopt entire neighborhoods for cleanup. There are more than 2 million vacant properties in the United States, so there is a lot of work to do.